Womb awakening

We are part of the same network
Blood linking us together
Your pain is not mine
And yet…
It’s written in my DNA

We’re familly
This special bond
Many pains brought together
And never we thought
It could be different

It’s time
To walk alone
No guilt in letting go
Of a story untold

No guilt in leaving
Someone ought to break
The invisible link
Of hardships

We can’t carry on
Letting the past decide
Of our future

It’s time
For each one of us
To make the choice
Of better tomorrows

May we bring forgivness
Whathever we may feel
Whathever our scars

We are the only ones
With the power
To heal each other’s wounds

By choosing ourselves
Our own growth
Our own pace

The freedom to be
Our own savior
Our best mate

Finding outside the lineage
Our own truth
Our voice
Hidden behind the veil of distress

Is there only one “truth”?


We tend to think that we own the « truth ». Which truth?

Is there only one?

Or each one of us can compose its own melody?

We are quick to judge someone’s behavior.

But did we try to see where he/she comes from? Or what he/she wants to experience out of this?

I don’t think there is one way to live.

We ought to be more empathic and don’t always see things from our perspective only. Sometimes we ought to walk in other people’s shoes. Just so we could let go of all the things we believe were “true”.

Acknowledging my truth

I dreamt of Death
Deep understanding of
What I ought to let go
Going deep inside

Unearthing my darkest
Exhuming my strongest
Breathing in the knowledge
That I am becoming

A better version of myself
As I break free
From the boundaries
Set up long ago
To shy away from facing my truth